#11. The end:-Of the last year.

This year started with shout-outs to farmers, laborers, artist, academicians, engineers, doctors, peasants, politicians, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers- all men, women & children.All people. Every once in a while I write about things that move me.They can be simple but sort of profound ideas like human rights, human dignity, peace & freedom or […]

#10. Genderalizing.

From an early age parents start attempting to try & control the penises & vaginae of their children, their sexual urges. Restricted interaction b/ween the genders leads to a stifled & nervous response in the presence of company of the opposite gender, later on in life. Television, media & the internet guide our instincts & […]

#9 Hate: It’s easy.

Hate is the handmaiden of ignorance.(」゚ペ)」nothing better than the ignorance of people on the internet attempting with the highest amount of their will to hold the vendetta of having the last word in any argument.How predictable.You have to use a common insult to try to make a strike at one’s integrity or provoke them. It’s […]

#8 The Thing Is….

I’ve never really been one for public speaking, but I thought this would be a good time to try my hand. First, two things. This isn’t going to be some cliche-infested, cookie-cutter inspirational speech to be played to the tune of that awful Green Day song. No, I’ll try to make this one something different. […]

#6 Nothing: Nihilistic Bliss.┈┈

χμμ..σκέφτηκες ποτέ ότι το ”υποκειμενικό” δεν έχει την έννοια του αληθινού ? μπορεί να μην είναι αληθινό ένα χρώμα ? βλέπεις το χρώμα,το μάτι μεταφέρει το ερέθισμα στο μυαλό ΚΑΙ εδώ είναι το κρίσιμο σημείο..το μυαλό (η σκέψη) ”ονομάζει” το ερέθισμα-σαν χρώμα,σαν συν αίσθημα,σαν μια ανάμνηση που επανέρχεται ίσως..αν απλά και άκριτα παρατηρήσουμε το ερέθισμα […]