#13 A Colorfool Narration.

Ola! It’s a beautiful day what with the sun chirping and the birds shining. I sit in my room clad in my diverse-colored checkered trousers and red t-shirt surrounded by walls filled with colorful posters of cinema and music.

Now just to be clear, it’s not that I didn’t like the bib and tucker of Audrey Hepburn’s black ‘Givenchy’ in the opening of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ but somehow the aesthetic appeal of the color patterns and stripes on fabrics connect with me more-be it work outfits, casual clothing or party ensembles, nothing quite excites me like the gorgeousness and  ‘gorgeousity’ of colors on an apparel that pulls it all together. I enjoy color on color, intense shades with a neutral base! Colors are emotional triggers for me. I feel more confident, powerful, taller and stronger. Colors are empowering. They make me feel classy.

When the weather is cloudy I prefer black. It gives me a dense feel. There are times when colors and styles offer a complete and calm alternative to life’s problem. “How should I wear my hair so that it goes with all these layers of texture and colors?” Change becomes a law of life and experimentation becomes a thrill. It certainly helps deal with decisions, some of which are highly personal in nature. Bikes, jobs, school, college, friends, etc. I wish my closet was stripped bare with black t-shirts and torn denim jeans. All right fine, maybe red too. I’m obviously in love with the color ‘red’. Maybe some deep violet tops with black bottoms. Yellow shorts with a light pink shirt? I wouldn’t mind it. I am always itching to match colors. I wish to demonstrate just how much I love sampling colorful things. Vintage t shirts, jeans, stripes, prints, sunglasses and colored lights. I like keeping it casual at the same time.Just can’t wait to see what I’m attracted to next.


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