#12. The 2 Marks.

Sitting here listening to The Verve’s ‘She is a superstar’, I was just thinking.

6 years ago, 9th of April I sat for my first IIT-JEE. I was nervous, it was an one time exam,we had to give two 3 hour sessions, remember guys? I was studying in Vizag then. During the break after the 1st sitting,I went out with Pushkar Sharma into an internet cafeteria & started listening to Reshamiya’s “Tera Tera Tera Suroor”. I went back inside for the 2nd session & after it was over, I thought t’went well. I got my results later.Out of 180, I had scored 110 in physics, 105 in chemistry, 19 in maths.

The maths paper was exceptionally hard that year. The cut off for maths was 21. Had I gotten two more marks, I would have broken into the A.I.R top 500. I still remember crying about that.I used to get nightmares, I still feel the regret sometimes not because I couldn’t make it to the IITs but those 2 marks man. Those 2 marks.
So anyways, to everyone out there taking these exams, I send out my feels & listen,don’t get sucked in too deep. Give it as if you got nothing to lose b/c guess what?,you’ve nothing to lose.
You gonna go to college, you gonna meet girls, you gonna meet boys, read books, watch films, shows, make new friends, get drunk -climb on Nehru’s statue & sing him hymns & get mad at him b/c he is not answering your questions about life & stuff.

So keep the freak flag flying & be good to each other.Help each other out & learn to share your dreams & ideals & class assignments & of course your joints.
Always share your Joints[Yes GrandPa.]. It’s a privilege.

P.S: When people ask me what do i want from life, I still tell them, “Those 2 marks man, I want those 2 marks.”
Such is Life people.So effing far out. iiiiii]: )’


Now all my friends have different lives, experiences, jobs, responsibilities. Some they like, some they don’t but there are more things that unite us than divide us so let’s be subject to one another.
This reminds me of the famous quote by Julius Henry Marx,
“time flies like an arrow ; fruit flies like a banana.”

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