#10. Genderalizing.

From an early age parents start attempting to try & control the penises & vaginae of their children, their sexual urges. Restricted interaction b/ween the genders leads to a stifled & nervous response in the presence of company of the opposite gender, later on in life. Television, media & the internet guide our instincts & in the process end up tainting it.

The societal implications of masculinity and femininity are in the “sexual” roles assumed. Man is the conqueror,  woman the conquered. It is a biological fact that a woman cannot conquer a man against his will. A man on the other hand can force a woman to submit, but no man of self-esteem would ever want to conquer a woman against her will.
A man of self-esteem conquers a woman by overwhelming her with admiration until her resistance is removed. It is in this respect that a man has the ultimate choice in the sexual act, but for the sex to mean anything, he must earn the woman’s surrender, while the woman’s choice is much more optional. Masculinity may therefore be equated to being able to control and conquer, whereas femininity may be equated to being able to let oneself surrender and lose control. The sexual act – her surrender – can only have as much meaning for a woman as the admiration she holds for the man she is surrendering to.


Chauvinism exists in all men, the ones who claim to be free of its clutches are doing so b/c they hate chauvinism that much. Good or bad, chauvinism dictates the behavior of men. What we need is a moral imperative, a drastic but pleasant reversal of roles that bind the fabrics of this society that we have all come to tolerate & promote. Not to sound overly dramatic but we cannot jump our way into the spectrum of righteousness. There is a chance it might blind us ergo we must navigate it with the compass of our conscience & then we tame the frontier to bring down the tyranny of segregationists & chauvinists.

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