#9 Hate: It’s easy.

Hate is the handmaiden of ignorance.(」゚ペ)」nothing better than the ignorance of people on the internet attempting with the highest amount of their will to hold the vendetta of having the last word in any argument.How predictable.You have to use a common insult to try to make a strike at one’s integrity or provoke them. It’s humorous. If you were to have a moderate intelligence and a stronger grasp of correct grammar, with a more unique insult, it might have worked.What, is it a shame to not have an vindictive response in the moment?, and anyone who doesn’t have it deserves a slow and painful death? you’re telling me noise like this is cool?

……”you are a retarded dinosaur”,

……”man talk to me when you have better comebacks than “swag fag cum dumpster” ”

……”It’s like me saying you’re a dumb poopie licker.”

How to shut up these spic pieces of scum, and get them drugged and abused by their gang leader?

….Aah screw it, Madame Prime Minister.
Leave them alone. They have enough issues trying to find enough beans and tortillas to feed themselves. Throw in how hard it is to find salsa in this day and age and oh goddess, you’re just being cruel.People get so riled up in hate and they start hating and they start getting desperate and they give up and then they think of something to say and then they go on a spiel and then they forget their purpose and then they say bye bye and then they get worked up about it and then rage about it in front of innocent people and then they involve those people and that’s how hate is spread. Then those people continue the cycle. That’s how ignorance is spread. and that’s why I predict a coming dark age. Do not argue with me, I hope I’m wrong, but this post has gotten off topic too many times.



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