#7 Patriarchy: An Evil Compromise.

Matriarchy as many believe is not when women are in control. It is amazing how myth hides the truth so well. Not many of us know but before, the women used to stay in the house of their fathers, and their husbands would come to visit them. Their brothers used to act as fathers to the children, instead of the genetic or biological father. This structure of society gave way to the Patriarchal system that we all know and promote today.
Can somebody just get up and answer these questions.People who live in countries “culturally” similar to India can relate to these.

1.Why does a woman move in with the husband or the husband’s family?
2.Why does she have to pay monetary or materialistic compensations for leaving her parent’s home and come to his place  to start working for her husband and his family?
3.Why the woman doesn’t eat her food until all the members of the husband’s family have had theirs?
4.Why is it that in most cases she the one who is supposed to keep fasts for the long life of her husband?
5.Why are most women blamed if her husband or his family member falls sick saying it happened ’cause she came in the house?

In the modern social sense, the females are not distinguished as they should be. They are more like an order of people waiting to be picked up by men to carry out their command.They are treated like territories of men or as a group or mass, i.e. in a non-count manner. Women are generalized.

the following are the 3 pillars of patriarchy-
#Need for a man’s power over other men.
#Need for a man’s power over women.
#Need for a man’s power in society.

It’s a demonic structure with roots that delve deep within the fabrics of male insecurity in all walks of life & beyond, be it social, economic, sexual or intellectual. Some are good at controlling it, most are not. See,men’s relationships with other men is also an inevitable product of patriarchal norms, though not as obvious as the patterns advocating male-female relationships.

A functioning societal fabric can’t reflect the power dynamics practiced between women and men in the society without certain organized & standardized power dynamics operating among men as well.
Men don’t just triumphantly get together to launch a controlling insurgency to oppress birthrights of women. Heck even constitutional rights are a huge problem for them. Let’s take the ‘equal rights amendment’-something that is meant to make sure that women are equal to men. Brilliant right?
IT’S NOT. It’s nothing short of humiliation hiding behind a masked sense of charity. A law that we’re supposed to vote on declaring that women are equal under the law to a man? Shocks me to discover that there’s reason to believe they weren’t  before. As citizens of a country, they aren’t a special subset in need of protection. They do not have to have their rights handed down to them by a bunch of broken,old,controlling men. Laws are supposed to protect one and all. The same law that protects a man from crimes by people also protects women from crimes committed by other people. No two people are equal. Everyone has equal rights. It’s not a chess game. It’s fairly simple. We are fighting enough fights on bringing about a change in the mindset of societies but it becomes a challenge and a one worth accepting when along with the hierarchical control over women, men also rank among themselves under the paradigm of “masculinity.” They get carried away and happily too trying to establish a status wanting to set things for their nth generation and they make women their partners in crime a lot of times without their concrete consent.

Women & men are confounded into believing some random things like physical features(breast size, butt diameter and penis length) are socially super-important and popular culture propagates this sentiment. This kind of propagation gives rise to commit fake attempts to acquire sex’s momentary illusion when sex is a physical capacity,that should be determined by man’s mind and a woman’s right to choose—I’ve experienced that kamasutra should be practiced in view of choice of values, held consciously or subconsciously by all genders. To a sensible man, sex is an extensive apothegm of a celebration of his existence—to him women are ambassadors of kamasutra too. But to the man who lacks the understanding of sex, it means women are just objects to be acquired forcefully and molested. Attraction is a whole different terrain. I’m a very sexual person & have been in love 4 times. I also get attracted to women & men everyday. Sometimes it’s a  smile, a touch, a look across the coffee table or a casual conversation drenched in simplicity. Sexual elements exists and they should be practiced with passion & desire not force & cruelty. Believe me, If my girlfriend or boyfriend decided to pose for a brilliant photographer someday, then it’s early Christmas for me. But that’s ’cause it thrills me to know that they want to express themselves mentally and physically.  I just can’t understand how attraction becomes about pseudo physical factors.Are they not but erogenous zones? I guess centuries of sexual progress has lead us to this point & i hope the sarcasm in this sentence ‘fails not’ to miss its intention.

Among many a circles this patriarchal practice stems from an increasing purposelessness-purposelessness of the workplace means that men validate their pozish through priding themselves on the hard work and personal sacrifice they are making for  being the family’s breadwinner. And lot of them think that gives them superior status at home & in the society.Men see their jobs and themselves as worthwhile only to the extent of making money so their families can afford things. Semi-consciously accepting these hardships reaffirms their faith in the role of necessary providers and therefore as true men.

As a result of this & other segregationist reasons women are used,

#as social lubricants providing cover for men’s inability to relate with other men. 

#as symbols of success in showing off women as objects on display to other men, which is an act of aggressive domination.

#as an underclass by reducing the stress of competition, ’cause you know under patriarchy,women represent the lowest status, thereby giving a secure social position to men. And they will never fall under this status except maybe in exceptional situations, if there exists any that is.

#as stress relieving sanctuaries where they can recover from their daily stresses resulting from fights & threats with other men.

In all these roles, women are ruthlessly dominated by men in ways that are thickly proportioned with their struggle with other men.Men must tackle the sexual revolution of their politics with other men, if they are to deal fully with the sexual politics of their relationships with women. It can’ happen otherwise. It just can’t.

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