#4 No More. Please -(• ◡•)

Brought up by my mother, her sister, 4 grandmothers & 7 aunts, I have had the honor to be constantly surrounded by women my entire lives, It probably is the reason why i have an exact sense of respect for women, that many guys don’t. Although I’ll be the 1st one to admit, it could have so easily gone the other way round. But it did not.

There are lot of blogs that write about a lot of material. Blogs are popular, usually a little helpful if not more so. But there are times a blog stinks of digression. Supposedly smart & intelligent women,one Kristy Lamb in particular writes, “vogue-can-go-to-hell-can-i-make-peace-with-my-thighs.”
What did your thighs ever do to you Kristy?

Media outlets & sources ,the “things” on television in particular paints the existence of women with shameless strokes of lust, desire & sexist bravado that speak of a misogynistic insurgency. It’s this incessant & demonic urge in many if not most males to snuff female promiscuity that off-springs a surge of sexual freedom.

In the good ol’ days of yore when women were the common property of their tribe, the children never knew their fathers. It’s shocking to see the overwhelming amounts of the residual  “primitive promiscuity” in today’s world-at home, at school, in college, in relationships, in the government, and all walks of life on a general principle.
The kind of evil that man is capable of doing in today’s world can stun the most underprivileged & underdeveloped minds too many times. No one needs matriarchal imperatives lending a helping hand to hoist the flag of segregationist & detrimental patriarchy-high.
We dwell in hetaeristic communities confronted with extremes–
super skinny or clinically obese.
Anorexics are deemed “beautiful”, the dangerously obese ones, “curvy”.
We are a country surviving on euphemisms & dying because of them. It’s unsettling.
Allocating stereotypes of social role based on sex is as wrong as the church saying ” he died because he was gay & god hated him but hey!, Lesbians are the shit! \m/ “. This fostering is a a result of an over-protective/unnecessary attitude & unreasonable behavior towards women & their physical essence.
Parents are constantly comparing their kids with their neighbor’s children calling them morbidly obese- “big-boned” or “muscular.” Retailers calling anorexics “curvy.” wow!

No,I get it. I do. I’ve written about it too.

But, seriously — It is time for women to move on.
It’s a classic case of sexual revolution getting in the way of actual revolution as if enough damage hasn’t already been done on that front.Anytime a healthy woman feels the compelling need to discuss the size of her ass/thighs/hips/tummy, I want to throw a piece of a pomegranate seed at them. Will probably go to jail for saying that. You want to become a model?, want to go to the gym?. you should try to go. or become.
Moving on-Yes, being fat is frustrating and unhealthy and no one is in the business of making “pretty clothes for fattsoz”. I know.

My cousin sister is overweight, and has been since her birth. When she started packing on more pounds year after year, she decided she will travel & write about her expeditions. She did. She traveled with my aunt who has a tumor growth in her left part of the brain.My cousin  narrated,she ran into gun victims, victims of poverty/illiteracy/family & friends. People of faith & peace, of honor & dignity, of happiness & simplicity, of courage & impulse. She was too damn distracted to notice even the slightest thing about herself.
She gained more weight ever since.”Ugh”. “I’m not thrilled brother,believe me. I must loose 35+ pounds to feel better about myself but I’ve realized i must not talk about it with anybody else except maybe my trainer- certainly don’t wanna give it more meaning than it deserves. But i need to stop cribbing about this, for now I’ve realized the other important things in life and if i can then anyone can..at least give it a shot.” But that’s just my cousin.She might be an idiot, sources say.

I feel strongly about it because-
The bigger issue at stake here–all the pun in the world intended–is this,

Bellyaching about weight is certainly one of the biggest distractions that women indulge in! We have bigger mountains to cross ladies! No-you’ve much bigger mountains to cross ladies.

It is a big time-killer.

It guides the girls in our lives, many of whom are looking up-to you for inspiration, that this is just what women do, that as “women of the free world” ,focusing miserably and perpetually on our individual figure is our most pressing issue.

It blinds them in those moments about real world issues of policy and economy & there is just no denying the fact that it affects us all. We as people can come together on ideas like paid maternity leave/better domestic violence protection/access to birth control and abortion.

Many a times ,it serves as an agent of mental incapacity demeaning the many incredible privileges we can relish every single day. We aren’t residents of Syria with government/rebel bombs exploding all around us or in Israel where the pizza place you’re eating in can blow up any second. Let’s take a moment to realize though that it can happen anytime/anywhere

Grousing about weight/figure is the hindmost yet somehow “golden” object women continue to focus their energy on, while all those times they could be mascots of great ambition and resolve:

– standing up for equal opportunity & justice

– helping frame policies & improve living standards for themselves & the people around them 

– running for offices in the government & media

– reminiscing, putting in time to think about our birthrights

– stamping mind boggling works of art & culture.

– waking up feeling blessed for having a life, the strength and health to overcome any situation without “pain”

– knowing that women all over the world are guaranteed victims of starvation, malnutrition & premature childbirth & evils.

– Traveling as an source of exploration, no matter how they look, with eager anticipation and thrill.

– ditching the guys/girls in their lives who scorn & contemn them by focusing on the size of their breasts & ass (not necessarily in that order) instead of their hearts and intellect-the two things that should matter.

– kicking ass

A woman sends strong shock-waves of inevitable irony when she decides they are frustrated about men controlling their behavior & sexual freedom, and then being “uncontrollably” mad when a man is more than happy with who they are, because he doesn’t want her doing enough things for him, not paying enough attention to her body. As the philosopher Axl says:
“Nobody understands,
Quite why we’re here
We’re searchin’ for answers
That never appear

But maybe if I looked real hard I’d
I’d see your tryin’ too
To understand this life,
That we’re all goin’ through”
Considering the sad fact women were literally banned from being part of writing constitutions of many a great “great nations” it’s only passionate that they owe themselves complete mental and physical control even if that’s the last thing the rest of the universe wants for them.One can always work towards having the power to convey the absolute effects of one’s purpose if one believes there is any.

Why must not curvy chicks set their own references that..that..fat is the new thin or calling their size the new size “0” if you absolutely must set any references at all. So, frankly, I don’t get it.You’re impressive, self-determining & preeminent, or you’re not? Why not be goddesses of paramount dynamics, authority and force & supreme stalwarts of competency, vigor and strap?.Why this “untamed” eagerness to let others to diminish the chastity & flagellate the beauty & innocence that lies deep within the nerves of life and beyond labels?

Stop it today. This can end now. The decision lies with you and you alone.

NOTE: This post is in no way an acute & obnoxious observation of all women & it’s not a suggestion telling them how to live their lives. It’s not. My mother would kill me and kill me again if i even begin to even attempt an act of that nature. And there are too many promises i’ve made to her that i want to come through on to die this early.
iiii]: )’

P.S:I’m not talking about Kamasutra. NO.(• ◡•)

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