#3 Prostitution-A Necessity.

I hereby declare with strenuos confidence that already a handful of you shoppers would’ve wharfed your brain cells with words like ‘legal‘ , ‘sluts‘ , ‘whores‘ , ‘queens‘ , ‘harlots‘ , ‘A.I.D.S‘ , ‘illegal‘ , ‘fuck‘ and imprecise visuals involving ‘drunk-dialing an escort service‘ , ‘cheque signing‘ , ‘nakedness in presence of company‘ , ‘sex’ , ‘gangbangs‘ , ‘rape‘ , ‘your acquantances dicking it‘ , ‘Deflowering athena‘ -if not,you just DID.Every switch way,the evidence of which comes from the carelessly documented sexperiences of my life & in my head.So the real question is “should we involve money in exchange for intimacy?” but is it really?… the real question.
The oldest profession on this planet,prostitution as a practice today generates a revenue of over 100 billion$, but I’ve read statements from ministers/governments describing utter antipathy for the business and shock at the thought of “making money off the backs of women”.All proposals that suggest of validating  this trade are met with slipshod hostility.The social, economic & constitutional ramifications of the sheer nature of ignorance that these statesmen act on are rivaled only by the depraved amounts of destructive and repressive effects it has on nations.It’s a know fact that lot of women take up sexual work for money,self-sufficiency,freedom,distinction and poise among many other things.These are in essence the same reasons why anybody ever takes up any job.The patriarchs(sometimes under the influence of matriarchal existence) of this fraud society want you to believe that women do not like sex,that they cannot be the ambassadors of ‘kamasutra‘.Their failure to understand the element of dignity that comes wrapped in the act of sexual practice for prostitutes is the result of an over-involved attitude towards sex in general and their wedged notion of sex and women in particular.

The underlying principle that women(mostly) taking up sex as a work is an undesirable response to an oppressive upbringing is a misconception.Nobody in this world has the right to judge them and label their work as demeaning and violence inducing ,which for all we know, under the given circumstances was the best or at times the only job that a person could have made a living out of.Instead of labeling it as anti-social,the job of the government is to make things easier,more accessible for these sex workers at the same time protecting them when ever necessary.It’s known that at times the situation-dependent shaky grounds of unlawful prostitution can lead way to the unpleasant fields of  ‘human trafficking’ / ‘rape’ / ‘underage pornography‘ destroying the innocence,integrity and beauty of a woman.That needs to be prevented.Research cells should to be set up to try come up with ways of distinguishing victims of human trafficking/slavery from independent sex workers.In the june of 07’ the US’s department of state issued out a statement in its ‘trafficking in humans’ report saying Sex trafficking would not exist without the demand for commercial sex flourishing around the world .Could this statement be more unclear?Are these folks of the opinion that sex is an act against nature? Where is the evidence of the fact that trafficking would not exist w/out prostitution.If anything,there are governmental statistics like ‘The Bureau of the Dutch National Rapporteur on Trafficking in Human Beings, in its Mar. 2005 report “Trafficking in Human Beings(THB) – Third Report of the Dutch National Rapporteur’,  documenting the decrease in THB and other excessive criminal bustles in many sectors of prostitution after the practice was legalized.It has become easier for officials to get rid of the darker activites of the trade.After all the whole process became much more accepted and with acceptance comes the will to make things better.Women can go to the authorities with legitimate concerns while it also becomes easier for clients to go into the now ‘not so secret/illegal’ sector of prostitution.
One can always hide behind convenient samples that make the interpretation of this trade confusing.To believe that the self-worth or mentality of sex workers is different from women who do not practice prostitution is a sign of arrogance that stems from ignorance.Melissa Farley (PhD, Founding Director of the Prostitution Research and Education) wrote “Bad for the Body, Bad for the Heart” in the Oct. 2004 Violence Against Women, that stated:”Laws that justify legalization or decriminalization of prostitution to safeguard women’s health fail to address the psychological harm of prostitution“.It seems to me that Melissa seems to have confused THB and coerced sex/rape with prostitution.Prostitution for her signifies violence against women which is a flawed ill-informed thought to the very core.Society has no moral,intellectual,social and economic right to treat sex workers as outcasts.It leads to a stifled community of women and their families.The governments and us fellow citizens need to spread the awareness fundamental to the efficient growth of this trade.There should be apt number of information outlets neccessary to stop the rampant uprising of A.I.D.S and exposure to other S.T.Ds among women/clients.The law has to come up with a way to catch the people with their ‘devil-may care’ mind-set who go around spreading disease and creating despair among communities.As a part of an organization, health checks can be made mandatory for prostitutes and use of condoms a must for men decreasing the possible proliferation of S.T.Ds.The way prostitution is deemed as unlawful conduct can throw women into bleak depths of disgrace and violence threatening their wellbeing and their rights as lawful citizens.In countries like Australia & Holland, health standards have been developed to an admirable degree voluntarily without prohibiting the jobs of sex-workers in the industry.Only decriminalizing the practice of prostitution gives us a chance to provide security and comfort that these women deserve and long for.Banning it will only make it darker,grittier and an object of fantasies that dwell deep within men’s deranged minds, for some right at the surface!.For many of these women,the urge to take up sex work as a profession arises out of the need to provide for their children and spending time with them than other working class women.As responsible members of the society we so voraciously claim to be,we should be supportive of this logic instead of trying to find fault with it just because we are idiotic enough to assume the logic is one that is defiant of family “values” and our “culture”.Words like ideals, morals, principles and merit are instruments of weakness and pretty easy to hide behind, but nobody is to say that the life of a prostitute holds minor meaning or lesser definable standards than a person in a job that society considers wage-worthy!.To me,permitting/regulating and making it economically relevant within the decency of a law that stops pimping & child prostitution is a way better option than the moralistic denunciation of the trade all together.”A study conducted in Queensland… show[ed] a 149% increase in the rate of rape when legal brothels were closed in 1959, while other offenses against the person by males increased only 49%“.Rather than finding the idea “increasing licensed brothels will lower the rape rate” foul,one should look into the instructive essence of the consequences of implementing it.

I believe that by embracing prostitution as a necessity just like any other trade many of us get ourselves into,we can build a better society of responsible adults making sure our children step into a world that became a reflection of our will to act and ability to understand.I believe the true champions are those who don’t always take refuge in their and their neighbor’s insecurities and fight for the causes that seem to have been lost in the fabrics of our upbringing. In a countries like India where more than 80% of the women prostitutes are coerced into forced prostitution,things can only get better by legalizing it.Diseases can be prevented from spreading to the common masses.An unaccounted part of our population,most of them being women(needless to say they are the superior gender) can stop feeling dishonoured and shameful.They can feel empowered by doing their jobs and proudly so taking control of the working conditions and interaction with their clients.

We need a legal system and quick too,that shares the responsibility for safe sexual practices with male consumers and administration as well as sex workers thus facilitating the role of health education both ceremoniously and at times casually.As long as this society of mortals and moral hypocrites views prostitution as the plight of the wicked or poor, the law will always have the tone of debauched disapproval and deem it as a public nuisance.We need to embrace it as an inevitable necessity and also look at sex-work as a  fixed feature of sexual behavior, in order to create a realistic outlook that assists in secure sexual services as work.

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