Review #1. Kokuhaku(Confessions).

“Something important, on the inside, died.”


I watched ‘Oldeuboi’ one night and understood in theory what it feels like to take a fuck in the ass with your pants on! I swore to myself that very night -“there is no piece of cinema that will ever be seen in the same league as this giddy piece of reel in the next 10 years”- ….9 years later I screen the film ‘Kokuhaku’ and sure enough that same sinking,rogue ripping feeling I’d sexperienced that night and this time I was wearing thick thermals underneath my linen pants-(OUCH!). Sure ‘Oldboy’ is sick.Make all the mistakes you want to, its one of my favorite revenge films of all time, with its wicked and whacky nature and elements of thickly laid amplified violence but ‘Confessions’ is just as brutal and bizarre if not more so. It’s in a league of its own.

Delineating much the same elemental boundaries as his earlier masterpiece ‘Kiraware Matsuko no isshô’ (Memories of a Matsuko) except the comedy, Tetsuya Nakashima’s ‘Confessions’ splatters the screen with visuals so sinister and ruthlessly intense that you tend to forget that the film also weaves an enigmatic story of a barren, sorrowful but motivated existence of a mother who has lost her child to an evil that is the product of misguided youth. Drenched in genius, this piece of cinema, engaging a masterful composition of slow-motion cinegraphy lines up sensibly absurd characters with tainted stimuli and immorally correct measures. The story confesses from many point of views which helps you connect with this psychological thriller in ways that are fuelled by shock and pleasant discomfort. Nakashima does all of this in a manner so ‘matter-of factly’ it seems almost arrogant but works dark magic for the film.

With a defining wistful score and visually absorbing narrative, the film imposes the importance of life and love in a depressing sense and slaps us with consequences of overwhelming amounts of emotions, at the same time lack of it. This film speaks of unspeakable but justified (almost) evil, of negligence, of plunder, of an inhuman side of a not so universal human nature and doing all this in an ‘ever so tender’ portrayal of poetic justice; My pick for one of the finest, most brilliant films ever made.It’s for itchi the killers of the billers, the commoners and the stunned pornoholics….. Confessions?… worth 2 hours of everyone’s time! Justice for Kanae Minato’s novel on which the semblance is based.

iii]: )’