#13 A Colorfool Narration.

Ola! It’s a beautiful day what with the sun chirping and the birds shining. I sit in my room clad in my diverse-colored checkered trousers and red t-shirt surrounded by walls filled with colorful posters of cinema and music.

Now just to be clear, it’s not that I didn’t like the bib and tucker of Audrey Hepburn’s black ‘Givenchy’ in the opening of ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ but somehow the aesthetic appeal of the color patterns and stripes on fabrics connect with me more-be it work outfits, casual clothing or party ensembles, nothing quite excites me like the gorgeousness and  ‘gorgeousity’ of colors on an apparel that pulls it all together. I enjoy color on color, intense shades with a neutral base! Colors are emotional triggers for me. I feel more confident, powerful, taller and stronger. Colors are empowering. They make me feel classy.

When the weather is cloudy I prefer black. It gives me a dense feel. There are times when colors and styles offer a complete and calm alternative to life’s problem. “How should I wear my hair so that it goes with all these layers of texture and colors?” Change becomes a law of life and experimentation becomes a thrill. It certainly helps deal with decisions, some of which are highly personal in nature. Bikes, jobs, school, college, friends, etc. I wish my closet was stripped bare with black t-shirts and torn denim jeans. All right fine, maybe red too. I’m obviously in love with the color ‘red’. Maybe some deep violet tops with black bottoms. Yellow shorts with a light pink shirt? I wouldn’t mind it. I am always itching to match colors. I wish to demonstrate just how much I love sampling colorful things. Vintage t shirts, jeans, stripes, prints, sunglasses and colored lights. I like keeping it casual at the same time.Just can’t wait to see what I’m attracted to next.


#12. The 2 Marks.

Sitting here listening to The Verve’s ‘She is a superstar’, I was just thinking.

6 years ago, 9th of April I sat for my first IIT-JEE. I was nervous, it was an one time exam,we had to give two 3 hour sessions, remember guys? I was studying in Vizag then. During the break after the 1st sitting,I went out with Pushkar Sharma into an internet cafeteria & started listening to Reshamiya’s “Tera Tera Tera Suroor”. I went back inside for the 2nd session & after it was over, I thought t’went well. I got my results later.Out of 180, I had scored 110 in physics, 105 in chemistry, 19 in maths.

The maths paper was exceptionally hard that year. The cut off for maths was 21. Had I gotten two more marks, I would have broken into the A.I.R top 500. I still remember crying about that.I used to get nightmares, I still feel the regret sometimes not because I couldn’t make it to the IITs but those 2 marks man. Those 2 marks.
So anyways, to everyone out there taking these exams, I send out my feels & listen,don’t get sucked in too deep. Give it as if you got nothing to lose b/c guess what?,you’ve nothing to lose.
You gonna go to college, you gonna meet girls, you gonna meet boys, read books, watch films, shows, make new friends, get drunk -climb on Nehru’s statue & sing him hymns & get mad at him b/c he is not answering your questions about life & stuff.

So keep the freak flag flying & be good to each other.Help each other out & learn to share your dreams & ideals & class assignments & of course your joints.
Always share your Joints[Yes GrandPa.]. It’s a privilege.

P.S: When people ask me what do i want from life, I still tell them, “Those 2 marks man, I want those 2 marks.”
Such is Life people.So effing far out. iiiiii]: )’


Now all my friends have different lives, experiences, jobs, responsibilities. Some they like, some they don’t but there are more things that unite us than divide us so let’s be subject to one another.
This reminds me of the famous quote by Julius Henry Marx,
“time flies like an arrow ; fruit flies like a banana.”

#11. The end:-Of the last year.

This year started with shout-outs to farmers, laborers, artist, academicians, engineers, doctors, peasants, politicians, husbands, wives, daughters, sons, sisters, brothers- all men, women & children.All people.
Every once in a while I write about things that move me.They can be simple but sort of profound ideas like human rights, human dignity, peace & freedom or sometimes ideas so big I can’t even get around to understanding them.
Why is that the life of an African kid is worth less to me than someone’s close to me?
I don’t know but it is.
I realize there is evil every-where & bad people all around but i don’t feel vindictive towards any of them. I want to. But I don’t.

Practice makes a man stylish.I sit here cursing myself for not buying that one extra pack of gum. How a small decision can change the course of your life. I trust people with dangerous ease. Can’t help it. There are times when I want to inspire them ’cause I know they are brilliant, more smarter than me capable of much more. I know that everything that can be accomplished is seldom attempted but when that happens it brings out the best in us. It is possible to cross social, economic & political barriers to strive for progress, for those that are/were outcast so i guess there is hope. ‘Cause the only thing i know is that the bad people who do bad things were not born wanting to do those bad things. We have to create sustainable republics. We must reach for acts that equal the demands of the moments.

It also requires a characteristic sense to realize that which is wrong.It is completely appropriate for an atheist to celebrate Eid-al-Fitr or Christmas: of course it is. A national holiday, in this country, can’t hold an exclusively religious meaning. The secular importance of the holiday is beyond the principles of any specific religion: it is good will toward all people–a frame of mind and a display of integral fidelity the nature of which isn’t an exclusive property…of any religion says Rand.The humanitarian trait required to be a citizen is decency, which again is the product of despair and intellectual stagnation.Thinking women cannot be ruled; ambitious men will not stay still.


I myself feel alarmingly rebellious, aggressive and i guess really naive at times. Often times i’m neurotic & obsessed about changing everybody & everything. It’s so extreme that i feel sick & so unhappy ’cause the ways of the world are so overwhelming and I’ve sort of absorbed that so readily…emotionally. So then there are times when i go to the opposite extreme where i don’t care & i want to give up. A surge of human apathy engulfs my senses & i don’t like that either since somewhere I feel this need to participate & do my role as a citizen & as a person.Knowing that me ignoring everything will not be an answer to my quest. And so i recently found a nice balance..a ground in the form of writing & documenting. Also during my work with these various NGOs while making documentaries, I realized it’s about subtle changes & embracing,acknowledging the people who make those subtle but important changes ’cause collectively all those efforts & changes add up. And if we encourage that, they build up on themselves. For me it has become about that & finding inspiration and not being neurotic or apathetic. Just about getting up and getting things done. Jumping into things without planning too excessively so that I am there already before i begin to frame a scheme about how to get there.

I used to be a supreme-cynic & that easy too but I’ve been a part of  various protest in the past & I’ve experienced/learnt different.I’m in a position to claim true civic moments & the power it has to mobilize social & political mentalities. I met people-men, women, children of faith & peace & understanding, of intent & aggression. I had conversations that left me shocked & at times pleasantly surprised. I have realized the price you must pay for democracy and I now understand the fidelity & devotion required to create & sustain one. And if I, a self-serving fellow can learn these trivial things then well I’m sure the rest of you who are, well.. better than me…I mean it. I want to be with you & want you to be with me. I hope I can connect with you. For a while, I hope you forget that I’m usually a wide butt-hole. From time to time haven’t we all articulated a hundred million reasons for thousand million things but right now this planet needs people who defy the borders of social & political agendas & personal beliefs.

We need to find solutions so what else can we as law abiding citizens of this country do but protest, stamp out penetrating public discussions & form alliances against that which is wrong. People are fighting to live, girls & boys are getting raped and countless others suffering right now as we will all continue breathing.There is no need for anybody to hide behind the reluctance of others to do it. There is no moral, intellectual or social reason not to do it. Let’s just protest, at home & outside.This is about holding our politicians accountable for not being able to protect the people(especially the women) of this country.It’s time we destroy their greed for their precious politics & power & scare them sweat-less. Let’s create a government that becomes an instrument of good where we can come together, all of us and no one gets left behind. A government that mourns the death of a humble rickshaw-puller jut the same as it would mourn the death of its’ Prime Minister . Let’s all protest, do it everyday and everywhere. Let’s shove our ego maniacal instincts & beliefs out into utter oblivion & just protest. Screw the damn crime-sloths,  this country deserves a better class of criminals and we are gonna give it to them.

#10. Genderalizing.

From an early age parents start attempting to try & control the penises & vaginae of their children, their sexual urges. Restricted interaction b/ween the genders leads to a stifled & nervous response in the presence of company of the opposite gender, later on in life. Television, media & the internet guide our instincts & in the process end up tainting it.

The societal implications of masculinity and femininity are in the “sexual” roles assumed. Man is the conqueror,  woman the conquered. It is a biological fact that a woman cannot conquer a man against his will. A man on the other hand can force a woman to submit, but no man of self-esteem would ever want to conquer a woman against her will.
A man of self-esteem conquers a woman by overwhelming her with admiration until her resistance is removed. It is in this respect that a man has the ultimate choice in the sexual act, but for the sex to mean anything, he must earn the woman’s surrender, while the woman’s choice is much more optional. Masculinity may therefore be equated to being able to control and conquer, whereas femininity may be equated to being able to let oneself surrender and lose control. The sexual act – her surrender – can only have as much meaning for a woman as the admiration she holds for the man she is surrendering to.


Chauvinism exists in all men, the ones who claim to be free of its clutches are doing so b/c they hate chauvinism that much. Good or bad, chauvinism dictates the behavior of men. What we need is a moral imperative, a drastic but pleasant reversal of roles that bind the fabrics of this society that we have all come to tolerate & promote. Not to sound overly dramatic but we cannot jump our way into the spectrum of righteousness. There is a chance it might blind us ergo we must navigate it with the compass of our conscience & then we tame the frontier to bring down the tyranny of segregationists & chauvinists.

#9 Hate: It’s easy.

Hate is the handmaiden of ignorance.(」゚ペ)」nothing better than the ignorance of people on the internet attempting with the highest amount of their will to hold the vendetta of having the last word in any argument.How predictable.You have to use a common insult to try to make a strike at one’s integrity or provoke them. It’s humorous. If you were to have a moderate intelligence and a stronger grasp of correct grammar, with a more unique insult, it might have worked.What, is it a shame to not have an vindictive response in the moment?, and anyone who doesn’t have it deserves a slow and painful death? you’re telling me noise like this is cool?

……”you are a retarded dinosaur”,

……”man talk to me when you have better comebacks than “swag fag cum dumpster” ”

……”It’s like me saying you’re a dumb poopie licker.”

How to shut up these spic pieces of scum, and get them drugged and abused by their gang leader?

….Aah screw it, Madame Prime Minister.
Leave them alone. They have enough issues trying to find enough beans and tortillas to feed themselves. Throw in how hard it is to find salsa in this day and age and oh goddess, you’re just being cruel.People get so riled up in hate and they start hating and they start getting desperate and they give up and then they think of something to say and then they go on a spiel and then they forget their purpose and then they say bye bye and then they get worked up about it and then rage about it in front of innocent people and then they involve those people and that’s how hate is spread. Then those people continue the cycle. That’s how ignorance is spread. and that’s why I predict a coming dark age. Do not argue with me, I hope I’m wrong, but this post has gotten off topic too many times.


#8 The Thing Is….

I’ve never really been one for public speaking, but I thought this would be a good time to try my hand. First, two things. This isn’t going to be some cliche-infested, cookie-cutter inspirational speech to be played to the tune of that awful Green Day song. No, I’ll try to make this one something different. If you want some good advice for the future- you want inspiring noise? well listen to Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Simple Man. Seriously, that’s good- some good stuff. But until you go and ask your dad what that is, listen to what I have to say.


Graduate school. The place that has been the nexus of your lives for the past four years. Love it or hate it, it’s shaped you in one way or another. You got friends, comrades, and maybe even a significant other or two. You’ve also dealt with that problem of coming of age & becoming an ex-teenager. Gone are the “pimples on your face” days but hormones and  that desire to fit in continues, you know what I’m talking about. Whatever it was, you’ve had to deal with it.

Well I’ve struggled with depression for the past two months, and last year it almost put me in the hospital.The thing is no one knows this because I hide it pretty well. I’m very good at it. It was a dark time for me where cold winds would blow and i had lost my hope to sorrow. It felt like I was the only one too. But do I look dead to you? I sure hope not. It’s still not easy to deal with, but I got better. It’s not the fact that you got knocked down, it’s that you get back up and you keep swinging. When half the country was lost, did Lincoln give up? Hell no, he picked himself up and launched the greatest comeback kid story in history. Was it easy? I sure doubt it. Did he do it? You bet your ass. You learn more from your mistakes than you do from your successes, and you live to fight another day. I want to see more of that in the people around me. I want to see you grit your teeth and drag yourself up out of the bowels of Hell and show life that you cannot be broken.

You do this because you want to prove life wrong. You want to prove every person who’s ever said “you couldn’t do it”, every one who’s ever said you weren’t good enough, wrong. At my house there’s a gin glass that my ex-girlfriend gave me that has an Irish proverb etched into the side. ‘Living well is the best revenge’. You don’t give life the satisfaction of dominating you. Shoot to thrill, play to kill. Rock and roll every day like you’re Jimmy Page & Janis JO, be a beacon to others who don’t see it yet.

Because if there’s one thing humans do best, besides killing each other, is bouncing back. When it comes down to the wire, humans forget the petty things that make us different and work together to rise up. I’m hoping to see this happen soon, because dammit if it isn’t the 11th hour. But I do see hope. This generation, no matter how self involved, brainwashed, or desensitized it’s become, can pull through and usher in a new age for the future. But before we can do that, we need to remember that we are ALL humans. We’ve got so much more in common than we do that separates us. I don’t care what god you pray to, what country you’re from, what color your skin is, what computer you use, whether you drink Coke or Pepsi. That’s all bull-scum. If you think any of those gives you a reason to hate the other guy, shut up you must. I don’t know about anyone else, but I believe we are here on this earth to help each other. To do good to others, and to tolerate and encourage and help other people. Do something for someone every day, every chance you can. Help out another human. Don’t even expect a thank you, just do it. Maybe it’ll even encourage them to do something good for someone else, and so on and so forth. Maybe it will create a ghost to ghost hook up.
Soon, before you know it, everyone is helping everyone else, and you’ve got yourself a nice little trend going. But start now, start helping humanity now, because you could leave this today and live another seventy years happily, or you could step outside tomorrow and get hit by Sputnik. The future is uncertain, so why not use the present to do some good? I know that’s what I’ll try to do.

So that was my two cents, my little slice of life for you. Take from it what you will. But I do hope you’ll at least try to understand what I’ve said.

Congratulations to everyone who made it to 2013, go out and do something nice & meaningful, and for those about to rock, I salute you.

#7 Patriarchy: An Evil Compromise.

Matriarchy as many believe is not when women are in control. It is amazing how myth hides the truth so well. Not many of us know but before, the women used to stay in the house of their fathers, and their husbands would come to visit them. Their brothers used to act as fathers to the children, instead of the genetic or biological father. This structure of society gave way to the Patriarchal system that we all know and promote today.
Can somebody just get up and answer these questions.People who live in countries “culturally” similar to India can relate to these.

1.Why does a woman move in with the husband or the husband’s family?
2.Why does she have to pay monetary or materialistic compensations for leaving her parent’s home and come to his place  to start working for her husband and his family?
3.Why the woman doesn’t eat her food until all the members of the husband’s family have had theirs?
4.Why is it that in most cases she the one who is supposed to keep fasts for the long life of her husband?
5.Why are most women blamed if her husband or his family member falls sick saying it happened ’cause she came in the house?

In the modern social sense, the females are not distinguished as they should be. They are more like an order of people waiting to be picked up by men to carry out their command.They are treated like territories of men or as a group or mass, i.e. in a non-count manner. Women are generalized.

the following are the 3 pillars of patriarchy-
#Need for a man’s power over other men.
#Need for a man’s power over women.
#Need for a man’s power in society.

It’s a demonic structure with roots that delve deep within the fabrics of male insecurity in all walks of life & beyond, be it social, economic, sexual or intellectual. Some are good at controlling it, most are not. See,men’s relationships with other men is also an inevitable product of patriarchal norms, though not as obvious as the patterns advocating male-female relationships.

A functioning societal fabric can’t reflect the power dynamics practiced between women and men in the society without certain organized & standardized power dynamics operating among men as well.
Men don’t just triumphantly get together to launch a controlling insurgency to oppress birthrights of women. Heck even constitutional rights are a huge problem for them. Let’s take the ‘equal rights amendment’-something that is meant to make sure that women are equal to men. Brilliant right?
IT’S NOT. It’s nothing short of humiliation hiding behind a masked sense of charity. A law that we’re supposed to vote on declaring that women are equal under the law to a man? Shocks me to discover that there’s reason to believe they weren’t  before. As citizens of a country, they aren’t a special subset in need of protection. They do not have to have their rights handed down to them by a bunch of broken,old,controlling men. Laws are supposed to protect one and all. The same law that protects a man from crimes by people also protects women from crimes committed by other people. No two people are equal. Everyone has equal rights. It’s not a chess game. It’s fairly simple. We are fighting enough fights on bringing about a change in the mindset of societies but it becomes a challenge and a one worth accepting when along with the hierarchical control over women, men also rank among themselves under the paradigm of “masculinity.” They get carried away and happily too trying to establish a status wanting to set things for their nth generation and they make women their partners in crime a lot of times without their concrete consent.

Women & men are confounded into believing some random things like physical features(breast size, butt diameter and penis length) are socially super-important and popular culture propagates this sentiment. This kind of propagation gives rise to commit fake attempts to acquire sex’s momentary illusion when sex is a physical capacity,that should be determined by man’s mind and a woman’s right to choose—I’ve experienced that kamasutra should be practiced in view of choice of values, held consciously or subconsciously by all genders. To a sensible man, sex is an extensive apothegm of a celebration of his existence—to him women are ambassadors of kamasutra too. But to the man who lacks the understanding of sex, it means women are just objects to be acquired forcefully and molested. Attraction is a whole different terrain. I’m a very sexual person & have been in love 4 times. I also get attracted to women & men everyday. Sometimes it’s a  smile, a touch, a look across the coffee table or a casual conversation drenched in simplicity. Sexual elements exists and they should be practiced with passion & desire not force & cruelty. Believe me, If my girlfriend or boyfriend decided to pose for a brilliant photographer someday, then it’s early Christmas for me. But that’s ’cause it thrills me to know that they want to express themselves mentally and physically.  I just can’t understand how attraction becomes about pseudo physical factors.Are they not but erogenous zones? I guess centuries of sexual progress has lead us to this point & i hope the sarcasm in this sentence ‘fails not’ to miss its intention.

Among many a circles this patriarchal practice stems from an increasing purposelessness-purposelessness of the workplace means that men validate their pozish through priding themselves on the hard work and personal sacrifice they are making for  being the family’s breadwinner. And lot of them think that gives them superior status at home & in the society.Men see their jobs and themselves as worthwhile only to the extent of making money so their families can afford things. Semi-consciously accepting these hardships reaffirms their faith in the role of necessary providers and therefore as true men.

As a result of this & other segregationist reasons women are used,

#as social lubricants providing cover for men’s inability to relate with other men. 

#as symbols of success in showing off women as objects on display to other men, which is an act of aggressive domination.

#as an underclass by reducing the stress of competition, ’cause you know under patriarchy,women represent the lowest status, thereby giving a secure social position to men. And they will never fall under this status except maybe in exceptional situations, if there exists any that is.

#as stress relieving sanctuaries where they can recover from their daily stresses resulting from fights & threats with other men.

In all these roles, women are ruthlessly dominated by men in ways that are thickly proportioned with their struggle with other men.Men must tackle the sexual revolution of their politics with other men, if they are to deal fully with the sexual politics of their relationships with women. It can’ happen otherwise. It just can’t.

#6 Nothing: Nihilistic Bliss.┈┈

χμμ..σκέφτηκες ποτέ ότι το ”υποκειμενικό” δεν έχει την έννοια του αληθινού ? μπορεί να μην είναι αληθινό ένα χρώμα ? βλέπεις το χρώμα,το μάτι μεταφέρει το ερέθισμα στο μυαλό ΚΑΙ εδώ είναι το κρίσιμο σημείο..το μυαλό (η σκέψη) ”ονομάζει” το ερέθισμα-σαν χρώμα,σαν συν αίσθημα,σαν μια ανάμνηση που επανέρχεται ίσως..αν απλά και άκριτα παρατηρήσουμε το ερέθισμα δίχως οικειοποίηση τότε το βλέπουμε πραγματικά,αλλιώς βλέπουμε την προβολή μας..θέλουμε να βλέπουμε την αλήθεια ? είναι απλό,τί λες ?

Οτιδήποτε βλέπουμε και ερμηνεύουμε με τα μάτια μας μπορεί να είναι τεχνητό ή ψεύτικο. Ό,τι όμως βλέπει η ψυχή μας δεν μπορεί παρά να είναι αληθινό. Τα μάτια της ψυχής μας δε θα μας προδώσουν ποτε.

It means Nothing.

Trying new things, Learning new skills, running head on into huge fabulous mistakes of amazing nature. To search for that unique voice that dwells deep within the castles of our thoughts. Celebrating that which we love with the people who teach us love every second of this precious life that has been bestowed upon us by the lord above & our parents. Patience &forgiveness to push each other- challenge and encourage our fellow friends, Romans & countrymen. May the days but be filled with fondness and laughter, caring and respect, understanding and simplicity. Rise up that one can inspire and inspiration one will get.
In the words of James Dean- get this BS out of my way.

All thinking minds lose the fight of thought, the moment they resort to self-satisfactory demons like logic & reason, yes. Sense & rationality.It’s neither a belief nor is it the truth-the fact that all codes are baseless, be it civic, religious, anti-X(X=anything), patriotic or heroic, honor or dishonor, conduct or conscience, morals or ethics, integrity or ideals, standards or duty. By the powers vested in me by God-the mightiest of all the sky dwelling lords and the vicious demons of the underworld ,
I hereby state the unremarkable First law of existence-

There is nothing one can know or communicate.

I imagine this law will be seen as a display of dyspepsia stemming from a gloomy outlook of grief. It will be confused with extreme cynicism- hailed as a preeminent sentencing that denounces any existence & belittles joys of life. I’m here to tell you, you’re wrong. And yes, don’t listen to me but it’s exactly correct believe it or not. There are moral imperatives, true. They are the following-

Believe in nothing and make sure it’s non-deliberate.
Have no loyalties- trust is unimportant-leads to disappointing expectations.
No purpose.

….. except, an impulse to annihilate with the mind anything that “makes sense”.
There are more than a few “philosophers” who claim to be nihilists. Cool.
No it’s not.

Nietzsche can feel free at this point to sit back , close his eyes and scum-cup his nut-sack.

Nihilism is not a way of life, oh it’s not a school of thought. It is happiness ‘ the roots of which are deeply proportioned with acceptance. And that’s what nihilism is-acceptance. “Philosophically, socially and intellectually” speaking, life has no essence and purpose.We are living in a world that resembles..well..nihilism really.
The acceptance that comes with nihilism is an imperative of absolute reason. It has the deadly corkscrewing potential to eventually destroy all incorruptible, divine, mystical and intellectual convictions launching the world,genitals first into the most glamorous crisis–backed up by decaying deficit, essential carnage and cosmic fecklessness.

As well, the decline of sense has seen a confused society, fueled by feelings of alienated despair & social isolation. So much of “humanity” lives without meaning and purpose, only visceral.The mere numbers will fail to enumerate the  “quiet desperation” of people, lonesome en-route to workplace and a workplace that comprises of jobs,meaningless & mediocre, dehumanized jobs writing programs & typing numbers into a computer for nine hours a day making money for money & power hungry capitalist scum-swingers all over the world only to come back to their houses to indulge in watching useless reality television, mindlessly lapping up nonsensical popular culture in their idle hours & finding respite in entertainment that has no real meaning, besides sudden but volatile gratification & fugitive seasoning.

Rationality is a principle of behavior and behavior is an adulterated extension of  mind & matter. One cannot win. There is no game. It’s already lost.
” El hombre es el artífice de su propia felicidad ?…”
Well, destination is not a architecture project. It’s not. So shut up. It’s not a request.
Dream one must, for if one can’t dream – how is one happy? If one doesn’t pursue his dream – how does anybody benefit? If one doesn’t know thy self first – how do others know the truth about anything? See how I can use tentacles of supposed intellect to write pure BS.
It’s a very uncomplicated argument. The concept of happiness itself is not subjective. Simple reasoning & logic is answer to nothing ’cause there is nothing to answer. We don’t need experiments to look for empirical evidence, ’cause there is no evidence to suggest empiricism.

Disgusting. It is still within one’s “rational” self-interest to help others that are defenseless. Helping others and preserving the “moral fabric” of the social contract are indeed selfish acts, “worthwhile” as they may seem to a desperate individual. Sometimes one claims to risk everything to safeguard that which they love. It’s prejudiced to the extent of insult. In every sense, those that protect others act out of self-seeking behavior,based upon whatever they might value which is narcissistic and undeniably corrupt.

Men just want physical pleasure. Every single thing “material” or “intellectual” comes to an ultimate stop at that thought & desire. The cowardly claims of love and forgiveness are but a clever and emotional camouflage for their own failure to act selflessly. Men have no concept of what all entails.You are not here to serve others or “the common good.”
You will do anything to lend your existence some “meaning”. Even in “theological” terms, whatever you claim to be doing ,you are still working for your own happiness & satisfaction. That happiness may be based on instructions from scriptures or prophets or pastors, but YOU choose that happiness for yourself. No one chooses it for you nor do you choose it for someone else. So fine you claim again,your happiness comes from assisting others in whatever way you choose, but again you voluntarily choose that. You choose to make yourself happy by helping others. ‘Cause if you practice empathy then you should  help all who need it not someone you run into or someone who runs into you.6627_3476040758354_1805311928_n
Talking of  “Sacrifice” – it is the simple trade of a valuable thing for a less valuable item, so, if for example raising one’s children requires “sacrifice” one should have been more careful in making the decision to have kids. And, if those Sandy Hook teachers became teachers because they wanted to nurture and educate kids, and not because they’d get a sweet salary and summers off, their actions to protect their charges were not “sacrifices”, but steps taken to fulfill their “chosen purposes”. I  did what i see here.Making dangerously wrong assumptions about supposedly pseudo-purposes & meanings  about lesser mortals is wrong. Assumptions are for those who know not, something i recklessly don’t qualify as- ‘Cause a purpose can only proclaim to be a purpose if it serves a purpose and from the First law of existence we know that there is no purpose so the people who die for others- I won’t categorize their purposelessness by calling what they did “sacrifice”.

Screw Tolkien, here is my Second law of existence-All those who wander, are lost.

It is not what it appears on the surface..simply a greedy “me and only me” stance.Self sacrifice is actually NOT purely altruistic…you are programmed by your genes for self-preservation, so generous acts performed by an individual contain their own personal reward to the ego. Many people are motivated to do good things either for the promise of a future reward (which religions use to motivate people to give of their resources of even their lives) or the more immediate reward of praises and accolades from others. Even doing a private act of kindness that no one else knows about, causes a secret boost to the ego with the thought of “I’m a good person” because I did that.You all seek the approval of others-a witness to your lives which is an ancient instinct to avoid being ousted from the ‘tribe’ which can lead to death. You  sacrifice to ingratiate yourselves to others who observe your acts, with the hope that they will value you more. So a part of self sacrifice is actually self-promoting in a sense. Stop thinking otherwise. Stop thinking. Sitting in your armchair years from now, you are desperate you know you’re going to die, you can’t even cry.

Everything one does is a reactionary conclusion rooted in trauma and all the adults teaching these children around them to believe something for which there is no evidence and defies reason is a subtle, but cruel, form of child abuse.The incessant greed to go beyond existence to prove existence exists is existential BS. The only existence is that of physical space.Anything & also everything is letting others use you. Understand that understanding must be understood outside the context in which they were made only then is it correct. I’m not only advocating that apathy should be encouraged, but simply that, there never be cooperation between individuals  as well.

I end this with the Third law of existence-

Death is nothing but a fixed “idea”.

P.S: key words in quote in no way suggest a moral side-effect.


#5 Rape: Strong Word. Not Strong enough for my mail password. #Part.1

This is what i wrote of a friend’s wall last night on face-book.
“we need matriarchal imperatives to step in in its truest form. They should put aside the “i deserve everything a man desires” veil & become what they were born to be.This rape was documented so threads after thread including mine.Millions we don’t even hear about, simply because they happen in the “cultural” confines of family. “uncles”, “fathers”, “brothers”, “friends/friends of”. These butt-hats. scum-slinging motherless, flesh-hungry demons-you think laws will staaph em’..naah. They see a girl out of the kitchen-that’s the damn ball game. No analysis required. “bc,sarkaar tatte to baad mein kaatenge na, pehle is raand ki gaand toh maarlein”, that’s how they talk. THEY DON’T CARE. You can hang these trash-truckers,feedem’ to the dogs, crush their religious balls but what about the girl who just, through no act of her own became the most useless property in many a household. “Who will marry this girl now?” “The damn slut destroyed the reputation of the entire family!” “Your daughter is a whore!”…i can’t even.. You think laws can control their devilish urge for orgasm & control over a woman’s mental & sexual freedom. Naaah. We need the so called “good” guys to step up..day/night patrols all over the cities in the country..special “penis removal” machine manufacturing outlets all over the nation open 24/7…support from the police, the IPS officers…politicians of the country thinking “the hell kinda law would i pass had this happened to my son/daughter?” ..Rape-prevention classes & seminars for women..Letting them know that they don’t have to have sex with their uncles & brothers..films that don’t objectify women calling them “chicken pieces  that men can eat with chilly effin’ sauce”…Infomercials running 24/7 on indian channels..cork-screw the raymonds & the greenlabels & the scorpios & the pepsodents for a while!! . Sukhdev, Azad, Singh, Gandhi, Patel, Shastri, Radhakrishnan, Ambedkar are all going..”so we gave our lives for this?….job well done fellas.”
gang_raped_lindaI was reading in a newspaper that a bunch of Swedish teenage girls have come up with a belt design that requires two hands to remove and which they hope will deter would-be rapists, temporarily. “It’s like a reverse chastity belt,” one of the creators, 19-year-old Nadja Björk, said meaning that the wearer is in control, instead of being controlled. Björk and one of her partners now plan to start a business to mass produce the belts and are currently in negotiations with potential partners. 82% of the women expressed fear to go outside after dark. There are reports of rapes happening in broad daylight. 30 guests in a Swedish public bath watched as 17 girl was raped recently, and nobody did anything. The girl was first approached by a 16-year-old boy. He and his friends followed her as she walked away to the grotto, and inside the grotto he got her blocked in the corner, ripped off her bikini and raped her, while his friend held her firm. he was 16.

Things that cause rape-
FLIRTING-perfect argument right?
DRINKING & GOING OUT AT NIGHT-makes sense i suppose.yes.
THE WAY A WOMAN DRESSES- brilliant.I think that is it. That does it.

i’m sorry, at this point of time i seem to have run out of ways to tell you, “please feel free to off yourself in that general direction that’s called fuck. my sincere apologies.
Women don’t get raped because they are “reckless whores” .They get raped because some men rape them.
It’s time we stopped teaching women how not to get raped and teach men not to rape.

My friend was walking down the street one night when a guy sprung from the shadow, whipped out a knife and asked her to not make a single noise. He silently raped her. But before he could rape her to his heart’s content, there was a loud noise. The guy panicked, pulled his penis out-slapped her like crazy-kicked her in the tummy twice- spat on her & ran away. She stumbled somehow to a police station and this is the conversation that ensued-
friend: sir, I was walking on the street and this man cornered me with a knife & raped me.
“officer”: oh and did you co-operate?
friend: he had a knife officer, he would have killed me.
“officer”: so you very willingly let him have sex with you without fighting back,calling for help or trying to escape.
friend: (in immense pain) i..i couldn’t do anything. i was scared for my life.
“officer” : but you did co-operate with him. How do i know you’re not pissed with the guy for not giving you anything in return for sex.like marriage or some jewellery?
friend: what does that have to do with this situation officer?
“officer”: oh it has everything to do with the situation. I know you women. I know how you work. Blaming man for everything. This is what happens when you forget you’re a woman and want to do everything a man does. Listen, it sounds like you are a angry little whore who hates men. Do you really want to ruin this man’s life because he did not marry you?
friend: (can’t even cry she is so..so..)

“Dooooood, i got raped last night while playing cards” , “dude that math test raped me man” , “shit just got raped on my face-book wall” ,
the actual F? are these guys retarded?. This of all things is not a joke! rape is not an adjective to be used when things are going wrong for them in their card games!

When a women says,
Not now maybe later. It means NO.
I’ve a boyfriend.Means NO.
I like you but…Means NO.
Let’s just go to sleep.Means NO.
I don’t want to have sex. Means NO.
Fuck off. Means NO.
I want to go home. Means NO.
Also when-
When is walking alone. Means No.
When you see her standing on the road.Means NO.
When she is smiling at you because you did something nice for her.Means NO.
When she is working to earn money.Means NO.
When she is naked.Means NO.

tumblr_ltwz7y1mLE1r4vnrco1_1280The next part of the blog will include a detailed research of the motivation behind it & the act itself.

#4 No More. Please -(• ◡•)

Brought up by my mother, her sister, 4 grandmothers & 7 aunts, I have had the honor to be constantly surrounded by women my entire lives, It probably is the reason why i have an exact sense of respect for women, that many guys don’t. Although I’ll be the 1st one to admit, it could have so easily gone the other way round. But it did not.

There are lot of blogs that write about a lot of material. Blogs are popular, usually a little helpful if not more so. But there are times a blog stinks of digression. Supposedly smart & intelligent women,one Kristy Lamb in particular writes, “vogue-can-go-to-hell-can-i-make-peace-with-my-thighs.”
What did your thighs ever do to you Kristy?

Media outlets & sources ,the “things” on television in particular paints the existence of women with shameless strokes of lust, desire & sexist bravado that speak of a misogynistic insurgency. It’s this incessant & demonic urge in many if not most males to snuff female promiscuity that off-springs a surge of sexual freedom.

In the good ol’ days of yore when women were the common property of their tribe, the children never knew their fathers. It’s shocking to see the overwhelming amounts of the residual  “primitive promiscuity” in today’s world-at home, at school, in college, in relationships, in the government, and all walks of life on a general principle.
The kind of evil that man is capable of doing in today’s world can stun the most underprivileged & underdeveloped minds too many times. No one needs matriarchal imperatives lending a helping hand to hoist the flag of segregationist & detrimental patriarchy-high.
We dwell in hetaeristic communities confronted with extremes–
super skinny or clinically obese.
Anorexics are deemed “beautiful”, the dangerously obese ones, “curvy”.
We are a country surviving on euphemisms & dying because of them. It’s unsettling.
Allocating stereotypes of social role based on sex is as wrong as the church saying ” he died because he was gay & god hated him but hey!, Lesbians are the shit! \m/ “. This fostering is a a result of an over-protective/unnecessary attitude & unreasonable behavior towards women & their physical essence.
Parents are constantly comparing their kids with their neighbor’s children calling them morbidly obese- “big-boned” or “muscular.” Retailers calling anorexics “curvy.” wow!

No,I get it. I do. I’ve written about it too.

But, seriously — It is time for women to move on.
It’s a classic case of sexual revolution getting in the way of actual revolution as if enough damage hasn’t already been done on that front.Anytime a healthy woman feels the compelling need to discuss the size of her ass/thighs/hips/tummy, I want to throw a piece of a pomegranate seed at them. Will probably go to jail for saying that. You want to become a model?, want to go to the gym?. you should try to go. or become.
Moving on-Yes, being fat is frustrating and unhealthy and no one is in the business of making “pretty clothes for fattsoz”. I know.

My cousin sister is overweight, and has been since her birth. When she started packing on more pounds year after year, she decided she will travel & write about her expeditions. She did. She traveled with my aunt who has a tumor growth in her left part of the brain.My cousin  narrated,she ran into gun victims, victims of poverty/illiteracy/family & friends. People of faith & peace, of honor & dignity, of happiness & simplicity, of courage & impulse. She was too damn distracted to notice even the slightest thing about herself.
She gained more weight ever since.”Ugh”. “I’m not thrilled brother,believe me. I must loose 35+ pounds to feel better about myself but I’ve realized i must not talk about it with anybody else except maybe my trainer- certainly don’t wanna give it more meaning than it deserves. But i need to stop cribbing about this, for now I’ve realized the other important things in life and if i can then anyone can..at least give it a shot.” But that’s just my cousin.She might be an idiot, sources say.

I feel strongly about it because-
The bigger issue at stake here–all the pun in the world intended–is this,

Bellyaching about weight is certainly one of the biggest distractions that women indulge in! We have bigger mountains to cross ladies! No-you’ve much bigger mountains to cross ladies.

It is a big time-killer.

It guides the girls in our lives, many of whom are looking up-to you for inspiration, that this is just what women do, that as “women of the free world” ,focusing miserably and perpetually on our individual figure is our most pressing issue.

It blinds them in those moments about real world issues of policy and economy & there is just no denying the fact that it affects us all. We as people can come together on ideas like paid maternity leave/better domestic violence protection/access to birth control and abortion.

Many a times ,it serves as an agent of mental incapacity demeaning the many incredible privileges we can relish every single day. We aren’t residents of Syria with government/rebel bombs exploding all around us or in Israel where the pizza place you’re eating in can blow up any second. Let’s take a moment to realize though that it can happen anytime/anywhere

Grousing about weight/figure is the hindmost yet somehow “golden” object women continue to focus their energy on, while all those times they could be mascots of great ambition and resolve:

– standing up for equal opportunity & justice

– helping frame policies & improve living standards for themselves & the people around them 

– running for offices in the government & media

– reminiscing, putting in time to think about our birthrights

– stamping mind boggling works of art & culture.

– waking up feeling blessed for having a life, the strength and health to overcome any situation without “pain”

– knowing that women all over the world are guaranteed victims of starvation, malnutrition & premature childbirth & evils.

– Traveling as an source of exploration, no matter how they look, with eager anticipation and thrill.

– ditching the guys/girls in their lives who scorn & contemn them by focusing on the size of their breasts & ass (not necessarily in that order) instead of their hearts and intellect-the two things that should matter.

– kicking ass

A woman sends strong shock-waves of inevitable irony when she decides they are frustrated about men controlling their behavior & sexual freedom, and then being “uncontrollably” mad when a man is more than happy with who they are, because he doesn’t want her doing enough things for him, not paying enough attention to her body. As the philosopher Axl says:
“Nobody understands,
Quite why we’re here
We’re searchin’ for answers
That never appear

But maybe if I looked real hard I’d
I’d see your tryin’ too
To understand this life,
That we’re all goin’ through”
Considering the sad fact women were literally banned from being part of writing constitutions of many a great “great nations” it’s only passionate that they owe themselves complete mental and physical control even if that’s the last thing the rest of the universe wants for them.One can always work towards having the power to convey the absolute effects of one’s purpose if one believes there is any.

Why must not curvy chicks set their own references that..that..fat is the new thin or calling their size the new size “0” if you absolutely must set any references at all. So, frankly, I don’t get it.You’re impressive, self-determining & preeminent, or you’re not? Why not be goddesses of paramount dynamics, authority and force & supreme stalwarts of competency, vigor and strap?.Why this “untamed” eagerness to let others to diminish the chastity & flagellate the beauty & innocence that lies deep within the nerves of life and beyond labels?

Stop it today. This can end now. The decision lies with you and you alone.

NOTE: This post is in no way an acute & obnoxious observation of all women & it’s not a suggestion telling them how to live their lives. It’s not. My mother would kill me and kill me again if i even begin to even attempt an act of that nature. And there are too many promises i’ve made to her that i want to come through on to die this early.
iiii]: )’

P.S:I’m not talking about Kamasutra. NO.(• ◡•)

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